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And so it begins...

Over the coming weeks, months and years you will find various blogs here for your entertainment, debate and amusement. Some may be funny, some may be serious but hopefully they will all be pertinent and worthwhile reading.

If there are any subjects you would like us to cover - or indeed if you would like to write a blog yourself - please do let us know. Whether it is marketing, business, sport, cycling, cars, infrastructure, fitness or any combination of them all we welcome your views. We also strongly welcome Welsh business topics and debate.

We will throw in the odd product and service review from time to time too (of non Red Cloud client products as well) and welcome any you have of our clients' products. We will be introducing a Red Cloud Recommended rating system for comparison and, we are sure, healthy debate.

So for now, please get your thinking caps on and join the Red Cloud Club!

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